2013 400 PAX SFF Ferry Model 1

EPJ Consulting Corp is involved in developing a patented hull form for fast, economical and ecologic advantaged hulls for ferries and response vessels. This technology can also be extended to fast, smaller container feed vessels.

First Responder Craft (FRC)

Missions: Rescue/Coast Guard/Fire

Length: 38 – 42 feet
Beam: 16 – 18 feet
Displacement: 21,000 – 22,500 pounds
Power: 500-600 hp Diesel (Cat or Cummins)
Propulsion: Hamilton 322 Water Jet
Fuel: 250 Gallons
Range at Cruise Speed: 250 miles
Hale Fire Pumps – 2500 GPH each
Personnel: 5
Top Speed: 45 Knots
Cruise: 30 Knots (best fuel consumption)


Craft designed around Patented QUADRAPOD hull form technology which uses lift fans and hull geometry to reduce resistance, increase speed, and reduce fuel consumption. The QP technology increases speed for same power by 15-20%.

The topside deck house and configuration is customer selectable to ensure maximum flexibility for the intended operation.

The hull cavities in addition to assisting with resistance reduction also provide cushioning of the hull in waves to provide a smoother ride for the operators.

Lift fans are powered from the main diesel engines through a hydraulic drive. The fire pumps are also driven hydraulically. This allows maximum operation of the craft during fire fighting missions.

Hull construction is suited for either fiberglass or aluminum. Construction to suit ABS and ABYC Rules.

COMMS package to be determined by the Owner.

Recovery platforms provided and located as needed.