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Mr. Johansen's Grandmother and Grandfather
Mr. Johansen comes from a family with long traditions in shipping.
His grandfather sailed as Captain on the square riggers in the
China-to-England trade in the late 1800 early 1900. His father and
his two brothers were all in the shipping business.

Even P. Johansen

Even P. Johansen comes from a family with long traditions in shipping. His grandfather sailed as Captain on the square riggers in the China to England trade in the early 1900’s. His father and his two brothers where all in the shipping business.

Mr. Johansen was born in Oslo Norway in 1945, after graduation in Business Administration in Norway he embarked on an international career in shipping.

1966/1968 After a short training period in Oslo he joined major brokerage houses in England and Germany. Then in 1968 he joined Stolt-Nielsen Shipping in Oslo, In September 1968, he was assigned to Stolt-Nielsen Japan’s offices in Tokyo to start a competitive brokerage division, along the lines of what was already established in Oslo and New York.

In 1971 he moved to the Stolt-Nielsen Office in Greenwich, Connecticut, to further develop the brokerage division.

He resigned in 1976 to start Odin Marine, Inc. as an independent International Ship Brokerage Company. He was one of the pioneers in establishing a ship brokerage company in Greenwich, Connecticut, which have since become a major center for shipping companies in the US. He directed Odin Marine Inc in a global expanding mode over the years opening offices/affiliates in Singapore, Rotterdam and Seoul as well as in Houston and Dubai.

He expanded the services of the Odin Group and established Odin Logistic in 1996. Odin grew to be a large firm with 100 worldwide employees.

In 2007 he acquired Marine Consultant Corp, a Florida based ship management and consulting company established in 1988. In 2008 he changed the name of the company to EPJ Consulting Corp, now head quartered in Stuart, Florida.

Mr. Johansen is also a partner in Doonbeg Partners LLC (dba Doonbeg Group) since 2014. A boutique Investment services company in New York [doonbeggroup.com].

In 2017 EPJ Consulting Corp established a joint venture with Oystein Mathisen founder and president of Frontier International Shipping Corp, in Lafayette, Ca. DBA AProject to expand their joint services to the Marine Industry. Frontier engaged S&P specialist Mr. Panagos D. Pateras to assist in these endeavors combining the expertise of Sale and Purchase (S&P) especially for oil tankers and dry cargo bulk carriers as well as ship financial transactions [frontiership.com].

Mr. Johansen has been a longtime supporter of the Association of Shipbrokers and Agents (ASBA). He was President 2001/2002 and is currently the Chairman of the Ethics & Grievance Committee.

Mr. Johansen was a director of Worldscale Association (NYC) until his retirement from competitive tanker brokerage in January 2005. He is also very active with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and was Vice-commander 2011/2013 and commander 2013/2015 of AUX 13-04 in Key Largo.

Mr Johansen is Director in the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce, New York [NACC.org].

Mr Johansen started a Japanese American Society with his wife to foster a better understanding between short and long term Japanese residents of Fairfield County and the local population.

Mr. Johansen now manages his business from the offices of EPJ Consulting Corp in Stuart, Florida.